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  1. Failure to keep Windows security patches and hotfixes for servers and desktop computers up to date - Can cause issues with 3rd party software that run on Windows to throw error messages or not install correctly.

  1. Are your Windows Servers, PC Desktops secured with antivirus or anti-malware/spyware? - No! Then someone could be stealing precious information right now, such as secured passwords, valuable documents even financial information! Click here to search a virus you may have, that we can fix!

  1. Network Security - Is your firmware or subscription up to date for your network appliances or software? - If not, your network could be under attack even as you read this!! “One to Many” can help get you back on track!
Most small businesses often forget or ignore some of the most key issues below, which can cause your network to become compromised! Let us know how we can help?Have you had your network  checked lately????